Wisdom Notes-40

She Walks On The Inside As They Are Taking Their Evening Walk; Holding Hands & Moving The Best They Can. Time Wasn’t a Factor. After 50 Years Of Marriage, It Didn’t Seem Hard For Them To Walk At The Same Pace.

I notices how he walked an inch in front of her, still holding her hand as if to guide her and protect her at 80 years old.  At his age of weakness, in her eyes, he was still the stong man he use to be.


Wisdom Notes-39

When You’re Young, You Have The World At Your Feet. All You Need Is To Look The Part, Act The Part, Rules To The Game, Fit In & Pretend Every Step Of The Way, Click With The Clickers And The Sky Is The Limit…

When you get older: Keep your hair dyed to hide the gray; Never let them see you in pain/weakness; Apply wisdom to your inabilities; Don’t act your age; Remember as much as you can to stay a float; Don’t complain; Be humble to those younger than you (they will be promoted before you will);  Try not to miss to many days from work; Be as Useful as possible; Be prepared to help when needed in order to be seen as valuable.

Wisdom Notes-38

A Friend Called Me For Help Today. I Asked God Was It Okay To Help Him.

God said “He doesn’t trust me.” God reminded me what it took for me to realize that I only thought I trusted him but He also reminded me how it felt to realize the truth and fall down at His feet in pure truth.

You can’t say you trust God and do what you want to do or do what you feel that you should do. You can’t say that you love God and be a racist. You can’t think that you honor God and won’t do his will. You know the word of God and choose not to apply it to your life. You call yourself a good person but you treat people like crap.

To love God, is to care about how He feels about what you say and do.


Wisdom Notes-34

Anything That’s Bad, Can Always Get Worst.

Bad situations; Bad Relationships; Bad Friendships; Bad Living; Bad Personality; Bad Attitude; Bad Planning; Bad Desires; Bad Directions; Bad Communition; Bad Habits; Bad Intentions; Bad Lies; Bad Secrets…. can only get worst.

Wisdom Notes-33

They Were So Busy Going Through The Motions Of A Relationship, They Didn’t See Me Watching Them.

They stood side by side but I could see no love. They spoke to each other but I could not hear communication. They were nice to eachother but there was not kindness. They looked at eachother but didn’t see eachother. They laughed but they weren’t happy. He held the door for her, a routine he had done for 20 years. They had a love of comfort, stability & knowingly secrets (everyone knows but doesn’t say anything).

To live in a grave yard and die in that grave yard…. I don’t think so.

Wisdom Notes-32

Why Would You Take A Vacation From The Life You Live, Only To Go Back To It?

Why Would You Leave Your Home To Think, To Breathe, To Clear Your Head… And Have To Go Right Back To The Same Home?

Stand Still, stay where you are and make some solid, wise and healthy decisions. Sacrifices for yourself or for love. Listen to your heart or listen to your mind. Take advice from wise people or take advice from fools. Let Go and Let God.

Wisdom Notes-31

Someone Asked Me, How Do I Raise Good Children? How Do Teach Them Respect & To Obey? How Do You Raise Them The Right Way?

No Parent is Perfect. Answer: 1. The Bible says to raise a child in the way that they should go; Raise them in the word and to fear God, to know God.  2. I don’t care how hard you try to be a good Parent to your child…. you wouldn’t see what you did wrong until their Grown. Then, it’s too late to remold them.